3DLAB – is a niche architectural visualization marketing studio. Our range of services includes production of top quality 3D models, conceptualisation, animations as well as interior and exterior visualizations to meet your marketing needs.

Our goal is to help you sell your product by presenting it in the most appealing way in the real estate market.

Our aim is to present your products in the most appealing way.


Exterior visualizations (3D architectural visualization) are the images that make a sale happen. We will present your real estate property in the most appealing form to the buyer. Together with you, we will select the landscape as well as the time of day and the season to showcase the desired mood. We will create visual emotions that are so necessary to give a strong impression and make the property stand out. If necessary, we will take pictures of the surroundings using a drone and make a photomontage to place the model of your building in its true surroundings.

Interior visualizations (3D interior rendering) are perfect for both showcasing the concepts of interior projects at the top level and for the real estate promotional packages, which often need to convey the idea of comfort and the interior subtleties of a new home to potential buyers.

The purpose of exterior and interior animations - (3D animation rendering) is to raise enthusiasm, thereby prompting the stakeholder with eagerness to look forward to the new project. To stand out in the market even more and create a WOW factor, we offer animations for your real estate properties, in addition to the standard visualization package. You will be able to use them in advertising on social media and on a website or in public presentations alike. It has been scientifically proven that video content is significantly more effective as it is quicker to draw the attention of potential buyers more easily.

Animations may come in the form of computer generated imagery (CGI) or video montages. In the latter case we will film the surroundings using a drone and will integrate a 3D model of your real estate property into these surroundings.

3D designs will make a drawing easier to understand and present it in a more appealing form, thereby making a pitch of the main layout ideas to your customer.

Product and Furniture Rendering 3D realistic renderings of products on a white background as well as in a lifestyle environment. Our renderings are superior to photography because allow you to have all the different perspectives and versions needed to win on the digital shelf.